Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OPI's Last Friday Night

I have mixed feelings with this polish from the Katy Perry collection. First let me say that I LOVE it as a top coat over white, or pale blue colors, as well as worn alone when my nails are a bit longer. Here I am wearing it alone, if you look at some of my previous posts you will see the aftermath of this polish. I swatched this one first, followed by some of the others & it left behind a glitter that was almost impossible to get off - for awhile at least. I had to scrub my fingers after all my swatching to completely get it off. I love this polish a lot, but I wish the clean up was a bit easier. Here are the swatches, enjoy :)



  1. Luv the glitter nails! I'm new to blogging check my site out :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm new also. I joined your site. :)