Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jordana ~ Purple Glam

So, this weekend I went to the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach, FL.  Let me just tell you - this place is like Heaven! They have tons of discontinued nail & makeup collections + all the brand new stuff too. I seriously recommend anyone in the area to visit it ASAP if you haven't already. I went there to pick up the new OPI Crown Me Already from the Miss America collection (you'll see that in an upcoming post), but I found this too & for only $1.99, how can you go wrong? I have loved every single Jordana nail polish I have tried. . this one in particular is one of my favorites! Sorry for the low quality of photos, I was dying to make this post, but had to take the photos from my phone @ work.
This is in natural light - you can kind of see the glitter (both horizontal and sparkles)
It is way more noticable in person.
These reflect more of the true base color of the polish.

You can purchase Jordana nail polish at jordanacosmetics.com, cherryculture.com & more sites online. Most dollar stores carry it as well.


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